Pacifist Library Propaganda

The production of Pacifist Library propaganda in English, Italian and Bosnian, Wooden block type on Vandercook Proof Press.

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Sit-in:Spinning the Wheel of 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

Intervention of The Pacifist Library at the Festival Perepepe\' taking place from September 22 to October 21 2012 in Pesaro\'s Centre for Visual Arts La Pescheria

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The Pacifist Library at the NY Art Book Fair, PS1 MoMA

From September 27-30 The Pacifist Library was hosted at PS1 MoMA on the occasion of the New York Art Book Fair. In the three and a half days of the fair there were over 20,000 visitors, giving the Pacifist LIbrary its biggest audience yet

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The Pacifist Library at Broadway-Steinway Library

On September 24 The Pacifist Library visited the Broadway Steinway library branch and the surrounding neighborhood of Astoria, Queens.

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The Pacifist Library in Flushing

On September 17 The Pacifist Library visited the Flushing branch of the Queens Library and the surrounding neighborhood.

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The Pacifist Library at S17 Occupy Wall St. anniversary

On September 16 The Pacifist Library visited the S17 Occupy Wall Street anniversary at Thomas Paine Park in Lower Manhattan.

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The Pacifist Library at Central Library, Jamaica, Queens

On September 14 The Pacifist Library visited the Central Library in Jamaica, Queens. There we met Mr. Fred Gitner the directory of the New Americans Program at the Queens Library. He accepted our donation of Gene Sharp\'s \"From Dictatorship to Democracy\" in 12 languages. Once the donations are processed they will be distributed to the various Queens libraries that carry books in those languages.

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The Pacifist Library at Jackson Heights

On September 10 The Pacifist Library visited the Jackson Heights Library and surrounding neighborhood. The visit ended with the donation of the Spanish translation of Gene Sharp\'s \"From Dictatorship to Democracy\"

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Pacifist Bookbinding Station at Flux Factory

Pacifist Bookbinding station at Flux Factory where visitors are invited to make their own pacifist books by using copies of the first and last pages from the books in the library collection

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Charkha wheel

A container for the Pacifist Library that functions as a charkha wheel and a random selector of one of Gene Sharp\'s 198 methods for nonviolent action

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Printing and binding of Gene Sharp\'s pamphlet \"From Dictatorship to Democracy\" in 27 languages

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A Short History of Israeli Pacifist Poetry

Performance of \"A Short HIstory of Israeli Pacifist Poetry\" at the bookstore Libreria Il Catalogo in Pesaro Italy. May 23, 2012

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