“I knew and appreciated Toma Sik from many wild meetings within the War Resisters International… This work is a very fun and fitting tribute to the ongoing legacy. Bravo!”
-Matt Meyer

Our article on the Pacifist Library published on Waging Nonviolence
“Toma Sik once said that you can get all you need from a book by reading the first and last chapters.”

Review of the exhibition “Brother Can You Spare A Stack?”
Another review of the exhibition “Brother Can You Spare A Stack?”
A short article on the Melville House Press blog
“Nathaniel Katz and Valentina Curandi explain the relationship between the Pacifist Library’s nomadic notion of space and the traditional library”

A write up in the French books blog ActuaLitté
“Un groupe de joyeux malades s’échine à collecter des livres usagés, dans le cadre d’un projet utopique et humaniste intéressant”

Review of our installation at PS1 during the Book Fair by Rare Books Digest
“My final stop was a refuge among the masses. Beneath a canopy in the courtyard leaned a bright yellow couch, a low-lying wooden, circular coffee table (seemingly lower to the ground than the couch) and several tiny toadstools (still lower.) I crouched down next to one of the toadstools and was greeted warmly by ‘The Pacifist Library’”

Interview on Book Case TV at the NY Art Book Fair (Pacifist Library begins at 20:29)