The Pacifist Library is running a donation campaign and is looking for contributions! Anyone can participate by donating a classic pacifist text, a handbook for non violent resistance, or any book of choice that reflects a personal vision on Pacifism. The book can be a selection of poetry, a beloved novel, a book of theology or a philosophical tome.
Personal interpretation is at the heart of the collection and by making a donation, the diverse selection of books will collectively define the identity of the Pacifist Library.
If you would really like to donate a book but don’t currently have it in your collection (or you don’t want to part with your treasured copy) you can buy a (preferable used) copy of the book on Amazon by visiting our wish list

or by making a monetary donation on paypal which will be used toward the purchase of a book.

In appreciation, the book that you donate, or the one purchased with your monetary donation, will contain your name on the inside cover.