Rural in Action #4 Curandi Katz

Masseria Sant’Agapito, c.da Santa Caterina Di Ripatetta
71036 – LUCERA (FG)

January 29 – 31
Curandi Katz

Doin’ Nothin’

The artists duo Curandi Katz will focus on the question of sustainability by addressing two concepts: “tempo morto” (dead times) and “do nothing” (non fare). These two concepts consider unproductivity as a method for re-evaluating issues of sustainability by separating the term from the forces of development with which it is usually associated. Believing that inventive forms of negation allow for new perspectives on the question and new directions, ideas and spaces for collaboration to open up.

During the laboratory, we will explore, as tactics for intervention, various action methods and role-play strategies referring to and inspired by nonviolent training, psycho-drama therapy and other forms of spontaneous dramatization.

All the workshops are for free and a registration is required. You can register by sending an email to We will offer a bus service from Foggia train station to Masseria Sant’Agapito.