Resist Everywhere, Masako
Curandi Katz on Masako Matsushita

Concept: Curandi Katz
Movement research: Masako Matsushita
Production year: 2015
Production: Centrale Fies (IT)

Resist Everywhere, Masako is a performance work that is activated in the co-presence of artist and interpreter.

The starting point is a list of methods for nonviolent action delineated by the political philosopher Gene Sharp, based on his research on pro-democracy protest movements from the 20th century to the present.

Establishing a literal relationship between the two meanings of the word movement, the project takes form in the request for a dancer to search for a synthesis of movement in her specialized body language, in relation to each of the nonviolent methods.

In the confrontation of the two fields of movement, leading to the act of interpretation by the dancer, a discipline and preparation was defined. The interpreter developed a series of steps that have become the method for researching a bodily activation: to respond, understanding of the activated language, pass through own imaginary, and interpret as a constant research of continuous movement. Following this the interpreter defined for herself an instruction and visual diagrammatic code for activating each of the imposed nonviolent methods.

The performance follows a protocol of action in which the nonviolent method is declared vocally by the artist and projected onto the field of action; the instruction is enunciated by the interpreter and supported by the projection of the visual code into the space; the research of the movement is activated; a continuous discursive act by the artist accompanies and conditions the interpretation.