“body-at-publish” workshop-performance by Curandi Katz at ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum

A workshop-performance by Curandi Katz
22.02.2014, hr 15 – 18
Maximum number of participants: 15 people
Please register at: info@argekunst.it

A hands-on workshop-performance of the body-at-publish by the duo Curandi Katz at ar/ge kunst focused on the idea of self-publishing as an intimate gesture. Continue reading “body-at-publish” workshop-performance by Curandi Katz at ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum

CurandiKatz at Viafarini, Milan

Do you know because I tell you so or do you know, do you know?
memories, anecdotes and superstitions

Leone Contini, Curandi-Katz, Luca De Leva, Alessandro Di Pietro, Priscila Fernandes, Andreas Gedin, Riccardo Giacconi, Grossi Maglioni, Mirko Smerdel, Giulio Squillacciotti

curated by Valerio Del Baglivo

program: July 8, 10 and 11, 2013
venue: Viafarini DOCVA, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, Milan Continue reading CurandiKatz at Viafarini, Milan

Nathaniel Katz receives SFCC fellowship

Nathaniel Katz is a recipient of the 2013 South Florida Cultural Consortium fellowship in visual arts.

As part of the award he will be in exhibition at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

Organized by the Museum of  Art, Curated by Peter Boswell and Jorge Santis
June 22 – Sept. 1, 2013

This annual exhibition of winners of South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Artists Fellowship grants features the work fourteen top artists from five South Florida counties. Juried by a national panel of experts, this exhibition is always an eye-opener and serves as a barometer of both established and emerging talent.

This year’s winners are:

  • Gideon Barnett
  • Leah Brown
  • Naomi Fisher
  • Adler Guerrier
  • Henning Haupt
  • Jason Hedges
  • Patricia Hernandez
  • Catalina Jaramillo
  • Nathaniel Katz
  • Carol Munder
  • Rosanna Saccoccio
  • Bonnie Seeman
  • Juan Travieso
  • Agustina Woodgate

CurandiKatz in residency at Centrale Fies

As one of the seven finalists for the LIVE WORKS performance art award, CurandiKatz will be in residency at Centrale Fies in Trentino from June 11-20.

The performance art award presentation will be on July 30

Following is the jury’s statement on the selection of the seven finalists:

As Live Works Performance Award’s jury members who picked out the finalists, we would like to once again thank everyone who joined the call.
The large number of contenders and the high quality of many applications helped to define the award’s profile, asked us to make a further effort to understand the projects and to evaluate them: it was a great opportunity to exchange ours opinions.

In accord with the announcement, our first choice fell on performances related to visual arts.
The curators and the organization preferred giving a positive evaluation to projects in which the phase of residence would have been the most important to develop the work. For that reason the already known projects’ proposals were penalized.
In accord with these criteria, the parameters that contributed the most to indicate the finalists were: the projects’ experimental inclination to the renewal of the languages, the proposed researchs’ cultural interest, the coherence with the general economy of the project (geography, a non-linear view of historical-artistic development), the evaluations of each member and everything emerged during our opinions’ exchange.

Following all of these considerations, we decided to provide space for two additional projects furthermore to the five winners. We hope to have chosen the best ones. Maybe other works would have deserved to stand in front of the public. By the way, for us this contest indicated how vital is the performative research in this historical period, as medium to read the present and as hope to look at the future.

Curandi Katz finalists for the LIVE WORKS Performance Art Award

The prize promotes research and experimentation in the field of performance, and gives artists the possibility to produce a project and present it to the public. The seven finalists selected by the jury are invited to participate in a production residency at Centrale Fies from the 11th to the 20th June 2013.
The performance produced will be presented to the public on July the 30th, during the 33rd edition of the Drodesera Festival and the winning artist will be offered the possibility of an additional phase of residency at Centrale Fies and is awarded a €1000.00 prize
Live Works – Performance Art Award is a Centrale Fies project, in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA.

7 finalists selected among the 285 candidate projects
Francesca Banchelli – Our soul is a presence;
Valentina Curandi / Nathaniel Katz – Word for Word;
Sabina Grasso – Empty and Shadow;
Giovanni Morbin – BLU OLTREMARE Ibridazione 9;
Serena Osti – Performance per bar (research title);
Luca Pucci – Ex Aequo (working title);
Anne Sophie Turion / Jeanne Moynot – Frightenight.