“In Preparation of Resistant Bodies” Curandi Katz at Art Stays, Ptuj, Solvenia

ART STAYS, 12th Festival of Contemporary Art, 2014 (Art Ptuj 2014)
23 July – 1 September 2014, Ptuj, Slovenia

The Art Stays festival of contemporary art is returning for its twelfth edition this year, again with a rich programme and many new features.

The programme was prepared in collaboration with international galleries, museums, and curators. It will feature many exhibitions in various exhibition spaces, performances, concerts, screenings, lectures and talks on the main festival stage, workshops for children and adults, and excursions to near-by exhibition spaces.
We gave the festival the title Relations(s), as most of its programme deals with relations between artists. We will be hosting many important art tandems and groups, such as Allora & Calzadilla, representatives of the US at the Venice Biennale in 2011 and participants at the 2012 Documenta 13, the famous Gilbert & George, Anne & Patrick Poirier, participants at the Venice Biennale in 1976, 1980, and 1984, the Documenta in Kassel in 1977, and the Havana biennial in 2006, Botto & Bruno, Ilona Nemeth (who presented at the 49th Biennale in Venice in 2001) & Marian Ravasz, Rankle & Reynolds, ZimmerFrei, who presented at Manifesta 7 and many film festivals, CuoghiCorsello, Regina Jose Galindo (winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2005) & David Perez Karmadavis, Slovenian group BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan, ConiglioViola, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, who exhibited in the African Pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2009, Curandi Katz, Perino & Vele, who presented at the 48th Venice Biennale in 1999, brothers Lucio Perone and Peppe Perone, and many others. The accompanying programme includes several international projects and performances, such as Vision Gymnastic(s) and the already well-known The Area of Bustle. This year we will be setting up art works on the Drava River for the first time, as well as present a series of documentary art films under the name of Art Stays Kino at the City Cinema of Ptuj, as well as a Slovenian photography exhibition entitled Made in GT22. All together, we are presenting 90 artists from more than 20 countries.
Once again, we are showcasing artists who are already shining in museums and art biennials across the world, as well as those that will do so in the near future. We kindly invite you to join us again for events on the main stage, which will once again be set up in Ptuj’s Slovenski trg square, or at exhibitions in Miheličeva Gallery, Magistrat Gallery, the exhibition space of the Ivan Potrč Library, Exhibition Space FO.VI 2 in Ptuj City Theatre, on the Drava River, at the Art Factory in Majšperk, FO.VI Gallery in Kidričevo, EPEKA Space in Maribor, and other festival venues throughout the town and its surroundings.
The festival is here to connect, inspire, and challenge. See you in Ptuj!
Jernej Forbici, Art Director of the Festival
Excerpt from the text in the ART STAYS 2014 Catalogue:
Jernej Forbici and Marika Vicari

“RELATION(S) often originates from chance or natural personal meetings with artists, events, and projects that feature different kinds of relations, creative collaborations, friendships, exchanges of ideas, compromises, and representation of dual dimensions.
The complex world of relations/relationships in all their forms allows us, as a tandem of artists and curators, to dive into the Art Stays platform, which moves and opens up to projects and explorations with the help of a well-developed network of collaborations with artists and curators, as well as public and private institutions.

Relations guide us every day into meetings, cooperation, drawing of new frontiers in the art world, through more or less explicit cultural, social, political, and personal situations, in various forms and disciplines to crossing those frontiers, not only in art, but also in architecture, music – all the way to cinema and documentary films, and finally performance and theatre, where the body’s expression explores new hybridity and derivatives.

The selected artists of the 12th edition of the Art Stays Festival delve into the game as bridges between the hidden, sought, and tangible reality of things. Relations demand cooperation between everyone and a silent agreement, which erases limits and rules. This vagueness presents a beginning, perhaps a hope in art. Leave the artist, and with him the spectator, in anticipation of a reaction to a creation, formation of an artistic and cultural experience, in relations that open up towards others, in respect for identity, differences, and cultural diversity. …”

Projects, curators and artists detailed informations:
RELATION(S), curators: Marika Vicari & Jernej Forbici
Artists: Allora & Calzadilla (USA, Cuba), Gilbert&George (Great Britain), Anne & Patrick Poirier (France), Botto & Bruno (Italy), Regina Jose Galindo & David Perez Karmadavis (Guatemala, Santo Domingo), ConiglioViola (Italy), IngridMwangiRobertHutter (Kenya, Germany) , Cuoghi Corsello(Italy), Perino&Vele (Italy), BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan (Slovenia), Curandi Katz (Italy, Canada), Rankle & Reynolds (Great Britain), Ilona Nemeth (Slovakia), ZimmerFrei (Iitaly), Evru/Zush (Spain), Sasha Frolova (Russia), Lucio Perone (Italy), Peppe Perone (Italy), Goldschmied & Chiari (Italy), Bojana Radulović (Montenegro), Interno3 (Italy)

WATERLATION(S) curators: Marika Vicari & Jernej Forbici
Artists: BridA/Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan (Slovenija), Marek Schovanek (Czech Republic/Canada), Christopher Luckneder & Manfred Kienhofer (Austria), Dušan Fišer (Slovenia), Marika Vicari & Jernej Forbici (Italy, Slovenia), Cyryl Zakrzewski (Poland),

VISION GYMNASTIC(s) kustos: Paolo Angelosanto
Umetniki: Nemanja Cvijanović, Dragana Sapanjos (both from Croatia), Francois Martig (France), Ruben Montini & Alexander Pohner (Italy, Germany), Tree fisters (Italy)

THE AREA OF BUSTLE #4, curator: Manuel Frara
Artists: Waterproof (Francesco Gibaldi , Achille Zoni, Luca Ramon, Pier Pontarollo) in collaboration E.M.A (Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio), In Zaire (Claudio Rocchetti, Stefano Pilia, Alessandro De Zan, Riccardo Biondetti)
NTADAY (Cecilia Alberti, Marco Basso, Laura Berdusco, Silvia Dal Pont, Marco Dal Prà, Gloria Dall’Arche, Anna Debiasi, Massimiliano De Domeneghi, Riccardo Donà, Ugo Fraccaro, Veronica Freu, Furio Ganz, Giulia Incani, Eleonora Leccato, Marco Lorusso, Anna Marangon, Alessandro Marin, Riccardo Michielin, Alice Musi, Francesco Piva, Ilenia Savegnano, Valentina Tanariol, Francesco Zampieri, Francesca Zuccarello), Mapping Effect in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice
(all from Italy)


TOVARNA UMETNOSTI, curator: Dušan Fišer
Artists: Manfred Mörth (Austria), Oto Rimele (Slovenia)

PHARMATOPIA, curator: Jernej Forbici (in collaboration with EPEKA, Maribor)
Artist: Marek Schovanek (Czech Republic/Canada)

MADE IN GT22 curator: Son:DA (in collaboration with GT22, Maribor)
Artists: Davorin Ciglar Milosavljevič, Andrej Firm, Katja Goljat, Janez Kocbek, Branko Blaž Lesjak, Dragiša Modrinjak, Matej Modrinjak, Peter Perunovič, Miha Sagadin, Anja Seničar, Toni Soprano Vs. Roi V.Brugalski, Rene Strgar, Alen Šmic, Boris B. Voglar (all from Slovenia)

ART STAYS KINO Curator: Marika Vicari & Jernej Forbici
Christo & Jeanne-Claude (Bulgary, Morocco / USA), Gilbert & George (Great Britain), ZimmerFrei (Italy)

We are especially greateful to the following institutions and gallerists for their contribution:

Municipality of Ptuj, Ptuj
Javne Službe, Ptuj
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia

Gallery Chantal Crousel, Paris (Allora & Calzadilla)
Galleria Alfonso Artiaco, Naples (Gilbert & George, Anne & Patrick Poirier)
courtesy Galeria Oliva Arauna, Madrid (Botto & Bruno)
Prometeo Gallery, Milan (Regina Jose Galindo & David Perez Karmadavis)
Monitor, Rome (ZimmerFrei)
Galeria Joan Prats, Barcellona (Evru/Zush)

EPeKA Association, Maribor
Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice
GT22, Maribor
MGP, Ptuj
Library Ivan Potrč, Ptuj
Tovarna Umetnosti, Majšperk
Galerija FO.VI, Kidričevo
Regional Museum of Ptuj-Ormož, Ptuj
Arte Laguna Prize
Romani Kafernava, Maribor
Ranca Ptuj, Ptuj
Lekarne Ptuj