“Activities for Daily Living: A Labour of Love” Curandi Katz at Project Goleb, November 24. 2013

Activities for Daily Living: A Labour of Love
by Curandi Katz
Sunday 24 November 2013
Goleb, Burg. De Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam
Doors: 14h00
Conversation & Brunch

Curandi Katz is an Italy-based artistic duo currently in Amsterdam to research the archive of Hungarian-Israeli anarcho-pacifist Toma Ŝik at the International Institute of Social History. Approaching their research as a ‘performance of care’, the artists are the first to delve into the collection since its arrival after Ŝik’s passing in 2004. In adopting Ŝik’s own impetus as a world citizen and utopian socialist, among others, Curandi Katz have also taken on the task of ordering this archive, which they interpret along with their research as a labour of love. The duo call forth Ŝik’s values in this discussion, and evolve a narration on an archive that is a portrait of:
‘An Hungarian-Israeli, utopian-socialist, world citizen, esperantist, anarcho-pacifist, vegan aimed at fruitarian, naturist and naturalist, naturopathic, secular-humanistic rationalist, anti-Zionist, socio- political human rights & peace multi-activist.’
A special brunch will also be served by the duo.
Curandi Katz is Valentina Curandi and Nathaniel Katz. Their collaborative work emphasises a relational ethic by focusing on contingent processes to be performed and actualised between individuals, in community and in relation to institutions. They have recently developed projects in New York at Flux Factory, PS1 MoMA and the Center for Book Arts, and shown their work through Europe. In July 2013 they were finalists at the Live Works Performance Art Award in Centrale Fies (Dro, I).