Credits: Kunstraum-Muenchen, Ph. Thomas Splett, 2014

These are difficult times for artists and lovers alike*
A performance by Curandi Katz, curated by Emily Barsi and produced for Kunstraum Muenchen as part of the series Just what is it that makes today’s performances… ?
With the participation of Anna Santomauro

An artistic duo linked by an emotional and familial bond, trying to establish the sustainability of life as a determined choice with artistic strategies. The artists are present in the work as desiring individuals. They embody and act exemplary, one but none, manifesting the possibility, interpreting it within their existence and kaleidoscopic subjectivity.

In the performance These are difficult times for artists and lovers alike* the artists ask the question How do we sustain ourselves as a creative unit and how does the art community sustain us?
Visitors are invited into an identification room by first passing through an initial in-between space in which they are asked to identify with the artists by donning their clothing.
In the identification room the artists perform the role of themselves in a relationship therapy session in which the role of the therapist is performed by the curator Anna Santomauro through a Skype call. In the performance the artists channel their individual selves in confrontation with their role in a collaborative artistic duo through a therapy of their artistic practice.

*The title is borrowed, and slightly paraphrased from the essay “You make me feel mighty real” by the art critic Jan Verwoert