In Preparation of Resistant Bodies
Curandi Katz, 2014
Video-performance, two projectors bound together, yoga mats, Pacifist Library: Fundamentals flyers
Realized on the occasion of ART STAYS 2014 (SLO) for the exhibition RELATION(S) curated by Marika Vicari, presented at HangartFest – Festival of independent dance (I) and at the Bienal del Fin del Mundo (Argentina, Chile)

In collaboration with a yoga instructor, the Pacifist Library adapted Gene Sharp’s 198 methods for nonviolent action into a sequence of poses for daily training.

In the video-performance, the body trains to understand the physical and mental conditions for action. An intertwining dual; a performance for two, a subject in resistence and a subject in search of the subject. Creating a double movement, a preparation for being in resistence and for capturing that action.