The Pacifist Library

The Pacifist Library Performance #1 Queens, NY
2012, Modified 1970’s external frame backpacks, donated pacifist books, straw mat, stool, thermos, mint tea; Various neighborhoods in Queens, NY
The artists carry books on the theme of non-violent social change on their backs as they traverse the borough of Queens. Two aluminum external-frame backpacks were modified into mobile library bookshelves. The library is nomadic and moves with the artists where they go. The artists carry with them a straw mat, a stool and a thermos with mint tea. With these simple objects they invite people to utilize the library wherever they happen to be – on the street, in a park, at a local library. With the invitation to browse the collection is an invitation to join in conversation. The library becomes social, the books become instigators.

The nomadic library, in the form of informal occupation, transitory, mobile and temporary becomes a pretext for activating a relationship with a specific social context. –Michela Lupieri from Alter-Azioni, Notes beyond reality

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