Don’t Go To Dongo

Don’t Go To Dongo
February 2011

At the exhibition “Who am I to you?”, Museum of Art | Ft. lauderdale, curated by Freddy Jouwayed

In the last year we moved to the ​​Lake Como area to follow a few job opportunities. After a few months we found ourselves with some visa complications and had to look for a way to sneak out of Italy.
Since immigrants are not granted more than ninety consecutive days of stay within the Community of European countries, we decided to spend some time outside the Schengen area by taking the road to Switzerland.
Heading up the western shore of the lake, we staged an escape following the route in which Mussolini tried to escape sixty-six years ago before his capture in the town of Dongo.
The real need to leave the country is interwoven with an artistic performance.

In the exhibition at the Museum of Art | Ft. Lauderdale a reconstruction of the border crossing is built following the aerial view from google earth of the refugio San Jorio on the Italian and Swiss sides. The rooftops of the refuges are built and positioned at 1:10 scale, with the video projected in one, the Pacifist Library in the other and a series of blind contour line sewings of unrecognized lands hanging in the distance between the two.