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Swan, rising from the Deep

I’m a girl who’s lost in a magical world, where no humans exist. There’s creatures that look exactly like humans, but they aren’t. Since I’m the only human, I don’t tell anyone. But I want to get home.

From being in that world, I have the ability to turn into a swan. Everyone has an animal form.

At one point, when I follow a man who operates an elevator under a lake’s surface, he gets angry because I shouldn’t be there. There’s secrets he and his master are protecting. The water’s blue, with many bubbles. The elevator’s walls are made of glass, and you can see how deep the water gets. I don’t want to find that secret, but I tell him I need help getting home.

To convince him that I’m trustworthy, I turn into a swan, float up through the water like a bubble, and once I reach the surface, I fly. There’s other swans too. The man is impressed, and he says he’ll help me.