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old cat, new cat, tree house

my wife and i decide to take in a street cat, though i very quickly understand that although this cat looks a bit different, the personality is exactly that of the cat that my family had when i was a child.  two scenes followed: in the first we are in front of a house with a fence and it is our house and my mother in law is there and she is trying to teach the cat to come inside the fence door and into the house so that it knows that this is now its house.  the cat finally starts walking to the fence and our neighbors walk by with a big bed that they are moving into their house and distract the cat and she runs inside their yard instead of ours.  in the second scene i am walking behind the house to my tree house and i climb up on three levels of wooden platforms to get to the top enclosed structure.  i start called the cat to join me and she comes up to the tree and at this point it is clearly the same cat from my childhood because i see that she is old, but she tries to jump up anyway even if she is old and she makes it up to the first platform and then after a couple of tries she also makes it to the second and to me and she jumps up into the tree house and cuddles in my arms and i feel exactly the same feeling of cuddling my cat when i was a kid.

pappagallini – gatto/ little parrots – cat

Stavo davanti a una gabbia di pappagallini (effettivamente io li ho) e uno di loro, quasi implume, mi guardava e non aveva affatto paura di me e si faceva toccare. Questo mi rendeva molto felice. A un certo punto un gatto nero lo ha preso e io ho dato tante legnate al gatto x liberare l’uccellino dalle sue fauci. Sono riuscita a riprenderlo ma poi mi è caduto di mano e il gatto, trasformatosi in un uomo dai capelli lunghi, l’ha preso di nuovo. Non ricordo altro.

Aggredita dai miei gatti

Rientrando in casa, notavo che i miei 2 gatti erano un po’ strani. E fino a qui, niente di particolare. Poi, però, ho notato anche dei gattini, che reputai essere figli della mia gatta, con la sensazione che fossero sempre stati in casa senza che io me ne fossi mai accorta: quando mi hanno visto, si sono lanciati addosso a me, rabbiosi, mordevano, eppure io non sentivo dolore. Mi sembravano più affamati che altro. Ma più me li toglievo di dosso, più s’inferocivano, non riuscivo a liberarmene, si attaccavano dappertutto. Ogni tanto sembravano calmarsi, per poi ricominciavare a un mio minimo movimento.

Cat Coughs Up Treasure Maps

First, I see a white man naked from the waste down running away from a water hose. Then I see a black man sitting in a chair laughing at the other man. His genitalia resembles a bee hive.

Then I’m walking down a sidewalk and hear a splash and look behind me. I see two feet wearing tennis shoes sticking up out of a water hole. I dive into the small pool, which to an onlooker resembles a mud puddle. I pull out a young female and just as suddenly, she starts to pull me underneath too.

The scene changes again and I see a cat given two big cylinder capsules to swallow. Then the cat coughs up the insides of the capsules. Someone, who I cannot see (just the hands) takes the coughed up balls and unfolds them. Now they resemble small maps–but to what I can’t remember, but its some sort of hidden treasure or place.

Then I see evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins giving a lecture about the outrage of using animals in such a cruel way, to get rewards for selfish gain.

Lost Dog, Mouse on Deer, Dog-Cat-Monkey

I had a dog (don’t own one). White dog, large dog; loved this dog. And I was apparently visiting back in Mexico, because I’d run into an unstable old lover that I had hoped to avoid. She somehow convinced me to leave my dog with some of her friends, someone I didn’t know, and I was suddenly ‘carted off’ to someplace else. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her about where to find them, and was on my own, kicking myself for even letting myself talk to her in the first place.
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Egg to chick to kitten

dreamt I was given an egg (chicken egg), and right after I took hold of it it started to hatch. It was like a soft boiled egg — warm and yolky-y, but a small chick came out, which turned into a kitten after I looked away.

mosca-gatti/ fly-cats

Sono in piedi accanto a un pozzo. Noto una mosca che ronza intorno per tutto il sogno. Davanti a me una figura che indossa un mantello nero con cappuccio regge un cesto e mette continuamente la mano prima dentro il cesto, poi nel pozzo. Sento rumori simili al pianto di un bambino e allora mi rendo conto che nel cesto ci sono tanti gattini che vengono annegati uno a uno. Sembra che la cosa non debba mai finire e non posso farci nulla. Non riesco né a parlare né a muovermi. La mosca continua a ronzare.

da James Hillman, Animali del sogno

I’m standing next to a well. I notice a fly buzzing around for the whole dream. In front of me, a person wearing a hooded black cloak is holding a basket and constantly puts his hand into the basket first, then into the well. I hear noises similar to a crying child and then I realize that there are so many kittens in a basket that are drowned one by one. It seems that it never ends and I can not help it. I can neither speak nor move. The fly continued to buzz.

from James Hillman, Going Bugs