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Cat Coughs Up Treasure Maps

First, I see a white man naked from the waste down running away from a water hose. Then I see a black man sitting in a chair laughing at the other man. His genitalia resembles a bee hive.

Then I’m walking down a sidewalk and hear a splash and look behind me. I see two feet wearing tennis shoes sticking up out of a water hole. I dive into the small pool, which to an onlooker resembles a mud puddle. I pull out a young female and just as suddenly, she starts to pull me underneath too.

The scene changes again and I see a cat given two big cylinder capsules to swallow. Then the cat coughs up the insides of the capsules. Someone, who I cannot see (just the hands) takes the coughed up balls and unfolds them. Now they resemble small maps–but to what I can’t remember, but its some sort of hidden treasure or place.

Then I see evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins giving a lecture about the outrage of using animals in such a cruel way, to get rewards for selfish gain.