three horses

3 horses from my past in the same field, 1 of these horses died 2 months ago. 1 was given away nearly 2 years ago and the last was sold a year ago. I never owned any of them. In my dreams they are all there, and have the same personalities I remember, and these horses were all in my life around the same time. The mare that died, disappeared suddenly and in her place is the mare that was given to my family on the day of her death. And the 2 other mares leave me too. Then I wake up.

Lost Dog, Mouse on Deer, Dog-Cat-Monkey

I had a dog (don’t own one). White dog, large dog; loved this dog. And I was apparently visiting back in Mexico, because I’d run into an unstable old lover that I had hoped to avoid. She somehow convinced me to leave my dog with some of her friends, someone I didn’t know, and I was suddenly ‘carted off’ to someplace else. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her about where to find them, and was on my own, kicking myself for even letting myself talk to her in the first place.
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Il mantello del mago

Sono in piedi nella cambusa del peschereccio sul quale lavoro, e con me, intorno al tavolo, ci sono gli altri quattro membri dell’equipaggiamento e il capitano. Mi accorgo che a ognuno dei cinque uomini corrisponde un animale diverso, che tengono o che hanno accanto a sé. Non é chiaro di che animali si tratti, perché sia gli uomini sia gli animali sono nascosti nell’ombra. Inoltre, rimango incantato dall’apparizione, a mezz’aria, di una forma di una brillantezza e di una luminositá abbagliante – un’aquila bianca come la neve le cui piume sono ricoperte di stelle e mezzelune color blu notte. Penso con spavento che l’aquila porti tali emblemi sul mantello di un mago. L’aquila poi si posa su di me, spiegando le ali, e mi rendo conto poco a poco che questa creatura regale, la quale continua a mandar lampi dalla sua forma e a diventare sempre piú luminosa. Mi vien fatto di pensare che quell’animale ci porterá fortuna nella pesca.

da Animali del Sogno, James Hillman

Piume/ Feathers

Sono in piedi davanti allo specchio, nella nostra cucina, e mi pettino con la spazzola di mia figlia. A ogni colpo di spazzola mi si stacca una gran quantitá di capelli, e mi rendo conto che nella mia chioma ci sono dei buchi, delle zone prive di capelli. Mi chiedo con stupore se ricresceranno. Vado a una festa e parlo di questi buchi con alcune persone, chiedendo loro se pensano che ricresceranno. Mi dicono di no, ma ogni volta che metto la mano sul buco sento che ci sono delle piccole piume dure e bianche, come quelle che hanno sulla testa le aquile. Mi danno una sensazione piacevole, e mi piace questo segreto.

da Animali del Sogno, James Hillman

I am standing in front of the mirror, in our kitchen, and I am combing my hair with the my daughter’s brush. Each brush stroke takes me off a large quantity of hair, and I realize that in my hair there are holes, areas without hair. I wonder if it will grow back. I go to a party and talk about the holes with some people, asking them if they think the hair will grow back. They say no, but every time I put my hand on the hole I feel that there are little hard-and-white feathers, like those in the eagles’ heads. They give me a pleasant feeling, and I like this secret.

lion in an attic

had a dream where i found a lion in an attic. i opened the door and he got up and walk passed me and down the spiral staircase.

wolf spirit

I remember looking up at the face of a wolf spirit that appeared in the night skies… but i don’t remember what the dream was about.

Egg to chick to kitten

dreamt I was given an egg (chicken egg), and right after I took hold of it it started to hatch. It was like a soft boiled egg — warm and yolky-y, but a small chick came out, which turned into a kitten after I looked away.


I dreamt of a large fish in a tank, someone removed an outer shell off the fish and it was twirling around in the top of the water. Then someone wanted me to reach in the water and remove the fish.

had a dream of black crow

I had a dream of a black crow and it flew over my head then attached itself to my arm and seen my boyfriend coming home and it was flooding out side with rain and he was running in. friend was arguing with son father and this is all i seen in one dream and she was cring and it was day time.

Black Crows in my house

5 or 6 black crows were in my house an i could not get rid of them.. would throw stuff at them and they would fly to another spot…

Black tiger

Been dreaming that I am camping on a mountain, a lake is nearby and I can see a black tiger (lucid, because I say there is no such thing as a black tiger but the dream insists it is a black tiger so I just say okay) and there is a young child with me. We go for hikes and to the lake and the black tiger is always crossing our path but there is no confrontation. We come back from the lake and are in the tent and the black tiger is standing outside it. The feeling is very peaceful and the tent is safe.

Horse and Wolf

I was out riding (I haven’t ridden in years in real life!) a gorgeous sleek dark horse, and wearing quite formal riding gear (which I would never have done either!)when I passed a person (Man or woman? It wasn’t clear) who was walking along with a wolf. Neither were threatening at all, the person just smiled and nodded, and I smiled back. The wolf was beautiful, mainly white with silver/grey, and amber eyes, and he was just ambling along, seemingly happy. Later on I passed the wolf again and he was running really fast down the lane and across a field. I could see him in the distance as my horse was quite tall, and I had a good view over the hedge. The wolf was called Wall, but I don’t know why I knew that as I hadn’t been told. When I shouted his name louder, I could see him in the distance, and he stopped and looked back to see who was calling him. Eventually he came to me and seemed to recognise me, and trotted alongside me as I rode further down the lane. Eventually we arrived at a small wood, not very dense, and made our way through until we got to a ruined house. The wolf was leading me through all the rooms in this ruined house. There was no roof, just the walls remained. I felt that the wolf was my friend, and I kept patting him, as he rubbed up at my leg with his head, nudging me. I felt quite reassured by him.

formica/ ant

Sto facendo una passeggiata da qualche parte all’aperto con mia moglie. Vediamo che ci sono molte formiche; ci interessano molto, cosí ci abbassiamo tanto da riuscire a guardarle avendole all’altezza degli occhi, fors’anche fino al punto di prenderle su, come fossimo una di loro. Vedere le cose come le vedono loro.

da Animali del Sogno, James Hillman

Medieval writings and a magic orca

I am in my old bedroom at my parents house sometime in the early 90s. I appear as I did when I was about 14 or 15 or so. It is nighttime and the sun has not quite yet begun to rise. I can hear my mom and dad stirring in their bedroom down the hall. Because I like to sleep in and afraid that my dad will try to get me at the same time he does (which is something he did throughout my whole teenage life) I get up and quietly close the door to my room.
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Camping, Flood, Late for School

I dreamed that I was at my dad’s house, and both of my parents (who have been divorced for ten years) were there. They were telling me that they had a thousand dollars that had been set aside for me. I told them that I needed a couple hundred dollars for a camping trip I was about to go on. I also told them that I would be buying a good amount of pot with it. read more »

Shopping with mom and raging black bears

Dream starts off at Lake Whittaker, the trailer park my parents frequent in the summer on the weekends. There is a forest behind their trailer and I am there with my mom having an argument about shopping or something. She said she was going to take me shopping for several weekends but when the time comes she makes some excuse and never follows through.

We argue for a while and she finally agrees to take me shopping and we follow a path through the forest behind the trailer that leads to an outdoor store selling mainly office supplies, but also some dollar store odds and ends. I become upset because I am pacing the aisles looking for something specific and cannot find it. My mom is getting upset and wants to leave but I absolutely refuse to leave until I find what I am looking for, which turns out to be shoes and accessories for my Barbie doll (even though in the dream I think to myself “I’m almost 30 years old. What do I need Barbie doll shoes for?”)
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Swan, rising from the Deep

I’m a girl who’s lost in a magical world, where no humans exist. There’s creatures that look exactly like humans, but they aren’t. Since I’m the only human, I don’t tell anyone. But I want to get home.

From being in that world, I have the ability to turn into a swan. Everyone has an animal form.

At one point, when I follow a man who operates an elevator under a lake’s surface, he gets angry because I shouldn’t be there. There’s secrets he and his master are protecting. The water’s blue, with many bubbles. The elevator’s walls are made of glass, and you can see how deep the water gets. I don’t want to find that secret, but I tell him I need help getting home.

To convince him that I’m trustworthy, I turn into a swan, float up through the water like a bubble, and once I reach the surface, I fly. There’s other swans too. The man is impressed, and he says he’ll help me.

A lot of Water and a White Tiger

I am at a water front resort and there is a dark unseen presence pursuing me. I am scrambling over and through waterfront shops and bars to hide myself and often find that I am trying to hide myself in pools of water.

I run out of hiding spots in the resort and run to the wharf where many yachts are tied up. All of the boats are the same size and shape but different colours. There is a wooden yacht just leaving the dock and I am able to sneak aboard and hope that I am out of the reach of my invisible pursuer.
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I was at my uncles farm. I was supposed to feed the animals while he was away. I fed all of them and came to the horses. Each was in a stall of the stable. When I came to the last one I couldn’t get the gate open. The horse was a large black horse that I had never seen. I reached in to pet him and he changed into a man and climbed over the gate.

mosca-gatti/ fly-cats

Sono in piedi accanto a un pozzo. Noto una mosca che ronza intorno per tutto il sogno. Davanti a me una figura che indossa un mantello nero con cappuccio regge un cesto e mette continuamente la mano prima dentro il cesto, poi nel pozzo. Sento rumori simili al pianto di un bambino e allora mi rendo conto che nel cesto ci sono tanti gattini che vengono annegati uno a uno. Sembra che la cosa non debba mai finire e non posso farci nulla. Non riesco né a parlare né a muovermi. La mosca continua a ronzare.

da James Hillman, Animali del sogno

I’m standing next to a well. I notice a fly buzzing around for the whole dream. In front of me, a person wearing a hooded black cloak is holding a basket and constantly puts his hand into the basket first, then into the well. I hear noises similar to a crying child and then I realize that there are so many kittens in a basket that are drowned one by one. It seems that it never ends and I can not help it. I can neither speak nor move. The fly continued to buzz.

from James Hillman, Going Bugs

13 Dicembre 1911

Un cane mi stava sul corpo, una zampa accanto al viso.

F. Kafka, Diario del 13 Dicembre 1911

#6 Luglio 1971

Una gag alla Jerry Lewis: un uomo travestito da cane (é solo dallo sguardo – brillante, quasi rosso – che si capisce che non é un cane) esce tirando il guinzaglio e obbligando a correre l’uomo che lo conduce. Il vero cane, seduto in poltrona, lo guarda uscire, poi si alza sulle zampe di dietro (come un animale da cartoni animati) e comincia a mimare un incontro di boxe.

A Jerry Lewis style gag: a man dressed as a dog (it is only by the look – bright, almost red – that you understand that it is not a dog) comes out by pulling on the leash to run and forcing the man who leads it. The real dog, sitting in a chair, looks out, then stands on his hind legs (like an animal in the cartoons) and begins to mimic a boxing match.

G.Perec, La boutique obscure

uomo qualunque/ ordinary man

Un gorilla si muove per l’appartamento in cui abito come un ospite abituale, forse come un coinquilino. Si muove come un uomo qualunque che ama vestirsi di scuro.

A gorilla moves to the apartment where I live as a regular guest, perhaps as a roommate. He moves like an ordinary man who loves to dress in black.

sulla spiaggia

Trascrizione da un racconto orale

Un cavallo bianco corre lunga la battigia di una spiaggia. Mi vedo sdoppiata a osservar con stupore la corsa del cavallo. Mi stupisco del fatto di non aver paura della maestositá dell’animale.
C’é molta luce intorno, tutto é molto luminoso.

Transcription from an oral history

A white horse runs along the shoreline of a beach. I see it split to observe with astonishment the horse race. I am surprised about not being afraid of the majesty of the animal.
There is plenty of light around, everything is very bright.

monkey boy

my wife was invited to present a lecture on theatrical performance at some big american university campus, university of kansas i think.  it was her first experience of a big college campus and we went straight from the airport to a campus completely removed from any city or town.  when we arrived we found a sustainable  campus of all wooden cabins with a geo-thermal pools and students all around bathing and hanging out.  my wife was surprised that it was so easy to enter the campus with all of these young semi-nude people.  

we started to walk towards the hall where the presentation was to be, on the way we encountered a didgeridoo which i tried to play but couldn’t, my wife played it quite well, and then the college student that was accompanying us to the hall took the didgeridoo and used it like a megaphone to announce a big toga party that evening and warning the women to tape their breasts because there was certain to be flashing.  at that point there were lots of students around listening but the whole business took too long and by the time we arrived at the hall it was already too late for the presentation and there was no one there anymore.  the student who made the announcement about the party asked us if we knew how to climb the wall like a monkey and my wife said that she didn’t but that i did.  so i started climbing the wall like a monkey crossed across the ceiling and the started down a column and just before arriving in the ground flipped around my back and to my legs.

In real life

I had this dream as a child. I was standing outside my stepfather’s work at night and there were dogs running through the lobby. One dog was wheeling himself in a wheelchair. The door opens and one of the dog bites me on the wrist, I realize the pain is continuing in real life, and wake up to find that my wrist is bent backwards.


In this dream i see myself and a ram and we are coming toward each other as if we are two rams about to butt heads. Then just as we come head to head, we take each other’s hands and we start to dance the salsa.

Memorie d’infanzia/ Memories of infancy

Una sensazione di oscuritá invade lo spazio del sogno. A poco a poco da questa si percepisce un movimento, che dona un senso di profonditá alla visione. Si aggiunge la sensazione di uno spazio, creata da una specie di eco diffusa. L’immagine si allontana dal punto in cui era fissata e sento scivolarmi sulla superficie di questa oscuritá finché incontro una forma convessa che fa per aprirsi e mostra una pupilla che pulsa di vita. Scivolo ancora, questa volta indietro, lo sento. Scivolo sulla pancia, poi sulla schiena. Afferro una pinna e mi ranicchio sul dorso di una balena. Scivolo e provo felicitá sulla pancia.

A feeling of darkness invades the space of the dream. Gradually, from the darkness a movement is perceived, which gives a sense of depth to the vision. A feeling of space is addes , created by a kind of echo widespread. The image moves away from where it was fixed and I feel slipping on the surface of the darkness until I meet a convex shape which is to open up and shows a pupil, which throbs with life. My body slides again, this time back, I feel it. I slide on my belly, then on the back. I grab a fin and nuzzle on the back of a whale. I feel happiness sliding on the belly.

melanconitrito/ melanchoneigh

Un cavallo bianco giace sotto la superficie dell’acqua.
É abbandonato, la sua criniera fluttua intorno al corpo pesante.
Osservo da sopra, il cavallo sembra perso, addormentato, annegato. É immobile, sotto una lastra trasparente.

A white horse lies beneath the surface of the water.
His body is abandoned, its floating mane spread around the heavy body.
I watch from above, the horse seems lost, asleep, drowned. It is still, under a transparent sheet.

Giochi/ Games

Due bambini, un maschio e una femmina, sembrano giocare a ridosso dell’argine di un fiume. Avvicinandomi con lo sguardo, scopro che stanno cercando di annegare una capra bianca. Vestiti ma nell’acqua fino agli stinchi, e con le maniche tirate su, i due complici aggrediscono la bestia che tenta di liberarsi contorcendosi spasmodicamente. I due bimbi giocano, senza segni manifesti di violenza sul volto.
É tutto un dibattersi di braccia, di zampe, di spruzzi d’acqua.

Two children, a male and a female, seem to play close of the bank of a river. As I get closer with the gaze, I discover that they are trying to drown a white goat. With clothes but in the water up to the shins, and with the sleeves rolled up, the two accomplices attack the beast which is trying to free herself writhing spasmodically. The two children are playing, without overt signs of violence on their faces.
It’s all a struggle of arms, legs, squirts of water.