old cat, new cat, tree house

my wife and i decide to take in a street cat, though i very quickly understand that although this cat looks a bit different, the personality is exactly that of the cat that my family had when i was a child.  two scenes followed: in the first we are in front of a house with a fence and it is our house and my mother in law is there and she is trying to teach the cat to come inside the fence door and into the house so that it knows that this is now its house.  the cat finally starts walking to the fence and our neighbors walk by with a big bed that they are moving into their house and distract the cat and she runs inside their yard instead of ours.  in the second scene i am walking behind the house to my tree house and i climb up on three levels of wooden platforms to get to the top enclosed structure.  i start called the cat to join me and she comes up to the tree and at this point it is clearly the same cat from my childhood because i see that she is old, but she tries to jump up anyway even if she is old and she makes it up to the first platform and then after a couple of tries she also makes it to the second and to me and she jumps up into the tree house and cuddles in my arms and i feel exactly the same feeling of cuddling my cat when i was a kid.

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