Alligator chasing me and my son

 I just had a very vivid dream. It start is somewhat foggy I remember walking down a path with my son  next to a pond. The pond was was to the right of us surrounded by very steep hills with houses on all sides. I remember looking up the hill on our left (opposite of the pond) towards a house seeing hanging tubular cages, some held what looked to be giant peacocks and another cage I saw a alligator. At the moment I saw the alligator, I remember a voice saying something to the effect of it is about time that someone comes and gets these  With that being said the alligator started to move around.and it looked like it slipped out of the cage like it could always have slipped out it was just waiting . And when this happened I told my son to run for a house on top of one of the hills the opposite direction of the alligator  . we ran and yes the alligator was coming after us. we ran up a hill which got steeper and steeper until it was completely vertical then we started climbing trees, at this time the alligator was right on us, straight up even higher we climbed with the alligator right next to us but he was not snapping at us. just following us. Regardless we were both scared. we got to the top of the hill and ran into the house . At this time The person who owned the cage the alligator was in , showed up trying to get control of it, I remember in the house my son going one way and myself another  I ran into a bath room and closed the door and jumped out the windows the alligator got through the door and out the windows effortlessly and we found our self’s  long ramp that lead to the deck of the house . then my son was out side.we jumped over the ramp onto the ground and the alligator ran down the ramp to the ground and at that moment he was at us I threw my son back on ramp to the deck I remember my son being a lot more scared than I. And then with my son on the higher ramp I remember the alligator seeming very friendly and playful not trying to attack me with quality’s of a very cute and loving puppy dog just chasing us .Almost like he was both of ours. (Quality’s of this  are , He was much bigger than most alligators , he moved like lightning up over obstacles with great ease,)

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