The long way home

I am struggling to get home, being chased by some invisible but threatening force.  I make my way in the blackness of night, taking a long way to get back home.  I know that I need to make it through three tunnels, when I reach the third tunnel I feel relieved, on the other side of the tunnel I enter into the basement of my house.  There are still some narrow maze like paths to take, but I know that I am almost home and I feel the proximity of my grandmother.  When I arrive at the staircase going up toward the house I see my daughter’s bath, still full of water and her toys, and again I feel relieved. I go up the stairs feeling happy that I made it home.  I open the door at the top of the stairs, going out into the garden that I need to cross to get to the door of the house.  Then, just as I think that I made it I am attacked by two vicious dogs.

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