Cows eating cows

I was at a party for me and I was getting gifts. My daughters and my uncle and friends were there. We were on a farm but it wasn’t my uncles farm. Anywho we took this one path to get there in the woods. At this time there wasn’t any animals around. I was out in the driveway opening up my presents. Cyndi gave me a wooden bust of myself, I got a coffee table (also dark wood), and a dresser I think. I don’t know what but something came up and I had to go back to where we were parked to get something. When I got in to the woods, there were a bunch of cows eating and it smelled like road kill. When I looked closer I noticed that the cows were eating other cows and there was blood everywhere. I know I had to get to the other side so I was fighting my way through the herd of cows and most of them were not paying any attention except this one bull that started following me. Of course, I started running. I kept slipping and getting blood all over me. The bull wasn’t really chasing me but just casually walking behind me. I was running cause I didn’t want him start eating me. LOL the weird thing was he was the only one that didn’t have blood on him and wasn’t eating other cows. I got to the other side and he stopped. I can’t remember how I woke but when I did I saw all these weird gold like things just stirring up in my room kind of like when someone gets hit on the head and sees stars. All these gold things just swirling around in my room. Kind of like if a kid takes and gold crayon and starts making swirls on a blank sheet of paper. That and circles. I hope someone can help me with this. thanks!!

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