Wolf and snake

In the dream, I’m struggling with someone else, physical type wrestling but I don’t know who that person is – just someone. During the struggle I’m trying to keep away from a snake who’s just watching and waiting for the time to strike. I know it’s wanting to strike cause I see it’s teeth very clearly. So it finally strikes but instead of hitting me it bites the advesary – here’s the creepy part – it actually bites so close to me that I can still feel it’s teeth penetrate the advesary’s skin and flesh! Once that threat has subsided – I’m faced with a wolf who won’t let me pass on. He takes little painful bites at me but more like to say ‘you’re not getting away’. Not biting to eat me. It’s a very big Animal and I recall it bearing it’s weight against me to prevent my progress. It seemed to be keeping me from moving and would be hostile if provoked or if I insisted on progressing.

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