monkey boy

my wife was invited to present a lecture on theatrical performance at some big american university campus, university of kansas i think.  it was her first experience of a big college campus and we went straight from the airport to a campus completely removed from any city or town.  when we arrived we found a sustainable  campus of all wooden cabins with a geo-thermal pools and students all around bathing and hanging out.  my wife was surprised that it was so easy to enter the campus with all of these young semi-nude people.  

we started to walk towards the hall where the presentation was to be, on the way we encountered a didgeridoo which i tried to play but couldn’t, my wife played it quite well, and then the college student that was accompanying us to the hall took the didgeridoo and used it like a megaphone to announce a big toga party that evening and warning the women to tape their breasts because there was certain to be flashing.  at that point there were lots of students around listening but the whole business took too long and by the time we arrived at the hall it was already too late for the presentation and there was no one there anymore.  the student who made the announcement about the party asked us if we knew how to climb the wall like a monkey and my wife said that she didn’t but that i did.  so i started climbing the wall like a monkey crossed across the ceiling and the started down a column and just before arriving in the ground flipped around my back and to my legs.

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