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chased by animals in the jungle

First I was in this hallway. I was fantasysing about a swimming pool. One of those indoor swimming pools in which they have all these tropical plants, trees, etc. Then I was in one. I was alone even though the place was pretty big. I was standing in front of a really deep pool. However I saw this snake-a like creature swimming at the bottom. It was gigantic, in my dream I remember knowing it was 150 meters. It was white with strange colored stripes covering it. I was really, really afraid of falling in the water and being in the same water with it. Then there was a shark, swimming close to me. It suddenly came out of the water after me. I found a place which was ‘raised’ so that it couldn’t get to me. The shark then made this sound and all of these other animals started showing up like snakes and even some weird people. The shark dissapeared and I ran. The area became some sort of jungle now, no longer a pool even though there was still water.

I sat down when I finally shoke them off. It was near a pool again. However this pool like went deeper. First step I wasn’t covered in the water, next step the water was higher. Then all of these people showed up they were coming out of these small caves. They ran after me and I ran into the pool however as it became deeper and deeper, even though I could still breathe, I was a lot slower. The cave people didn’t seem to lose speed though and they got me. I felt trapped in my own fantasy, and I wanted to know how I could get out but I couldn’t.