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Ho avuto a che fare con i lupi

Ho sognato che ero in un bosco con mio marito e ci venivano incontro dei lupi, molto tranquilli apparentemente. Mio marito mi sollevava da terra perché avevo paura; poi, mi lasciava in una casa nel bosco per andare a salvare il nostro bambino. Nel frattempo, un lupo cercava di entrare nella casa dove mi ero rifugiata, ma io lo respingevo con forza.

Wolf and snake

In the dream, I’m struggling with someone else, physical type wrestling but I don’t know who that person is – just someone. During the struggle I’m trying to keep away from a snake who’s just watching and waiting for the time to strike. I know it’s wanting to strike cause I see it’s teeth very clearly. So it finally strikes but instead of hitting me it bites the advesary – here’s the creepy part – it actually bites so close to me that I can still feel it’s teeth penetrate the advesary’s skin and flesh! Once that threat has subsided – I’m faced with a wolf who won’t let me pass on. He takes little painful bites at me but more like to say ‘you’re not getting away’. Not biting to eat me. It’s a very big Animal and I recall it bearing it’s weight against me to prevent my progress. It seemed to be keeping me from moving and would be hostile if provoked or if I insisted on progressing.

wolf spirit

I remember looking up at the face of a wolf spirit that appeared in the night skies… but i don’t remember what the dream was about.

Horse and Wolf

I was out riding (I haven’t ridden in years in real life!) a gorgeous sleek dark horse, and wearing quite formal riding gear (which I would never have done either!)when I passed a person (Man or woman? It wasn’t clear) who was walking along with a wolf. Neither were threatening at all, the person just smiled and nodded, and I smiled back. The wolf was beautiful, mainly white with silver/grey, and amber eyes, and he was just ambling along, seemingly happy. Later on I passed the wolf again and he was running really fast down the lane and across a field. I could see him in the distance as my horse was quite tall, and I had a good view over the hedge. The wolf was called Wall, but I don’t know why I knew that as I hadn’t been told. When I shouted his name louder, I could see him in the distance, and he stopped and looked back to see who was calling him. Eventually he came to me and seemed to recognise me, and trotted alongside me as I rode further down the lane. Eventually we arrived at a small wood, not very dense, and made our way through until we got to a ruined house. The wolf was leading me through all the rooms in this ruined house. There was no roof, just the walls remained. I felt that the wolf was my friend, and I kept patting him, as he rubbed up at my leg with his head, nudging me. I felt quite reassured by him.