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Road trip with grandma

Lessons in Art and Failure

La Calle de Patricia

Walking Memories

Meeting Halfway

A Field of Lavender for Patricia to Walk Through

Nathaniel Katz


Nathaniel Katz is a Canadian-American artist. On this site you will find his solo work. Since 2008 he has been collaborating with the Italian artist Valentina Curandi. The work that they have done together is on their collaborative website curandikatz.net


Relationships with computers:

Getting inside my computer video and related material.

Getting inside my computer, Part 2

Challenging my Laptop to a Chess Match video.

Holding up my Laptop video.

iBreak-up video

Meditation tower

Girls with Computers


The Cow Milking Trilogy:

Learning how to milk a cow from my father

My father was a dairy farmer

Cow milking: a hands-on workshop